The Western Shores

The Massacre at Crossroads

It has been nearly 7 years since the army of Lord Cadderack swept across the land, killing and pillaging. Taking anything they could keep. The army was vast and skilled. Nothing stood in their way. Nothing that is until the came upon a small monestary that was told taught the untimate skill with a blade. Seeking more skill, Lord Cadderack sent emissaries to barter for training. The schools strict policy of a 49 student attendance didnt allow for them to teach one who did not even come himself. His offer was denied. This infuriated the lord and he commanded his army to sweep across the area killing anything and burning everything else. What he did not account for was the story of the swordmasters skills being underestimated. During the ensuing battle that lasted 5 days, left the monestary all but wiped clean. The army had been routed on several occasions as the body count dwindled. The once “vast” army had been so devestated that the lord had to return home, not in defeat, but to recruit more troops and train them. Only 4 of the brethren of swordsmasters survived, they sought after the Lord Cadderack but like a shadow had vanished. Seperately they travel the land in search of their would be assassins.



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