Malyn Raheal



Fighter / Mage, Malyn Raheal. Race: Elf; 125 years of age, 5’ 8" tall, black hair, blue eyes. Alignment: Neutral good.


Character history: Born third son to Prince ( you fill in the blank ) Raheal. From a young age he lead a priviledged but strict life schooled by his fathers tutors. Being born third son to a prince had its price. First born and heir to the family name was Tarion destined to rule, second born sister Ayealn would surely be traded in some marriage to further their father goals so his father had special plans for his third son. Malyn was to be taken to the Shrine of the Seven where through his training and mastery of the sword would secure a foothold inside the coveted Shrine. ( unbeknown to Mayln of course )
Character motivation: Malyn was accepted by the Shirne, the master of ( name not yet decided, but is there an aspect of balance? Yin and Yang, Yang and Um, Contraction Exspansion etc. )chose Malyn for his last pupil. Through years of arduos training and discipline Mayln rose in the ranks of the ( ? ) aspect, until that fateful day when ( Shrine besieged storyline ) and Mayln escaped….
Mayln found himself an outcast forced to a life of hiding, ( current power regime wont allow for shirne members to openly exspose themselves? ) He turned to one of his old tutors. No longer employed by his father ( cant go home would shame family and has to protect his identity )the aged but wise Moorlyn resumed his old teachings and secretly taught Malyn in the ways of Magic ( have no clue about magic in your world: frequency of seen usage, mage schools?, some none one? availability in your world scrolls? spells?, going by standard d&d for time to learn new etc ) Malyn had forgotten his old tutors tricks and came to realize to potency of magic while used with his training in the sword. He currently practices his secret art,preparing himself. He will find survivors, he will avenge the falen, balance must be brought back to the land…….

Malyn Raheal

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